Stemming from the Organization’s role of attracting attention to the impact of the Israeli policies on depriving Palestinians their basic rights, PHG has continuously invested efforts in uncovering these violations through:

  • Organizing lectures in international conferences
  • Hosting of international delegations from parliaments, religious groups, and American and European students providing them with detailed information about the water sector and its political and socio-economic perspectives and the water-related dimensions of the peace process.
  • PHG also hosts EWASH since 2002, which is a group of local and international NGOs and governmental counterparts working in the sector of water and environment that tackle the daily issues challenging Palestinians.
  • Issuing and publishing some occasional press releases as appropriate.
PHG have been actively engaged at local and international levels in the water events in order to keep the voice of Palestinians present at all locations. PHG continued to conduct lobbying against the Israeli practices toward using water as a pressure tool against Palestinians. In addition, PHG has lobbied hard to insure rightful allocation of water quantities with adequate qualities to rural and marginal communities in Palestine.