Agriculture and Food Security

Agriculture is one of the largest sectors of the Palestinian economy. In times of difficulty, the agricultural sector has acted as a buffer that absorbs large scores of unemployed people who lost their jobs in Israel or other local sectors of the economy. The agricultural sector also plays a central role in achieving food security for Palestinian families as quite a significant number of families depend on this sector in answering their needs by means of family and domestic products. Unfortunately, agricultural production is faced by a number of constraints most prominent of which include limited water availability and accessibility, lack of infrastructure and production inputs and soil salinity. Marketing of farm products and their distribution to local and external markets is also one of the major obstacles facing Palestinian farmers. From here, and since agriculture is one of the main water consumers, PHG has engaged in the sector through a number of projects developed to increase preserve a Palestinian historic culture that protects land areas from confiscation and improves the livelihoods of the farmers while ensuring optimum water use and introducing new water sources.

PHG has developed extensive experience working in the sector of agriculture and food security through the implementation of projects that include:


  • Installation of greenhouses and construction of home gardens including equipment of material from seedlings to irrigation networks
  • Land reclamation
  • Irrigation canals’ construction/ rehabilitation
  • Distribution of farm animals and installation of barns
  • Provision of water to herding communities in Area C especially of the Jordan Valley

These projects support families to achieve food security, improve farmers’ livelihood conditions, and mitigate the impact of drought on irrigation and agriculture through:

  •  Raising agricultural productivity by supporting adequate practices in agriculture, water management … etc
  • Technical assistance and capacity building