Awareness & Capacity Building

PHG has actively been conducting public awareness programs in the West Bank and Gaza. The target groups are:
  • women, given that they are the major water users at the household level and they are also responsible for bringing water to their houses in some rural areas,
  • school students, because we believe that the concept of water conservation and environmental protection must grow up together with those young generations in order to insure a sustainable and prosperous future,
  • farmers because agriculture is the major water consumer in the West Bank and Gaza,
  • and other various people.

Capacity Building

The Palestinian Water Training Institute (PWTI) was established by the Palestinian Hydrology Group in 2004 as a specialized vocational training institute in the field of water and environment as well as in management and computing skills, in the West Bank and Gaza. PWTI primarily targets technician and practitioners in water and sanitation. Moreover, it targets students, members and staff of local and village councils, in addition to members of women and environmental clubs and associations in the Palestinian Rural Areas.
The primary objectives of the Institute are:
  • To upgrade technical and administrative capacity of technical staff working in water and environmental fields.
  • To conduct research in the relevant areas of water and environmental issues especially in the training and capacity building areas.
  • To develop a proper infrastructure for the promotion of training needs in water and environment in Palestine.