Rain Water Harvesting

Water Harvesting is one of the priorities PHG has been promoting since its establishment. Such projects are relatively cheap and traditionally known and they secure sufficient and safe water quantities to the communities.

Although water harvesting techniques traditionally exist, PHG’s aim is to improve the rainwater harvesting methodologies, insure the safety of water for users and to improve the socio-economic levels of the society.

Preliminary investigation indicate that 40% of the rural areas (20 - 25 % of the population) in the West Bank lack proper water supply sources and are dependent on rain water harvesting to satisfy their domestic water needs. This has encouraged PHG to adopt the implementation of harvesting structures among its priorities, in order to solve the water problems of rural areas, which lack water supply networks or any other proper water supply.

PHG implements water harvesting projects including:
  • Ponds; plastic and cement.
  • Cisterns; for household and agricultural use.

During the past twenty years, PHG has constructed nearly 6300 cisterns benefitting more than 132,000 residents, and 434 ponds targeting 230,000 beneficiaries in the West Bank and Gaza.