Water Resources Development

Palestine is classified as a scarce country in terms of water availability. Most of conventional water resources are in bad conditions due to the Israeli restrictions imposed on the rehabilitation of these resources. The main water sources development PHG works in are groundwater wells and springs’ rehabilitation.

Groundwater Wells Rehabilitation

PHG has conducted a field survey about groundwater wells in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, the results showed that the engineering life of the wells’ design and construction has been exceeded for most wells in the West Bank and Gaza; most of those wells are no longer efficient and require rehabilitation. Therefore, PHG has undertaken a number of Groundwater well rehabilitation projects in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

PHG has been able to rehabilitate 94 groundwater wells since its establishment.

Springs Rehabilitation

Natural springs are good water sources in the West Bank. However, most of them, especially those which are in the remote areas, are not utilized efficiently. PHG emphasizes on the necessity of optimizing the uses of springs and benefits from their maximum discharge which occurs during winter season.
Throughout PHG’s history 61 springs have been rehabilitated.

Non-conventional Water Resources Development

PHG has promoted the treatment technology of grey water treatment to help promote the concept of grey water as a new-non-conventional resource of water for agricultural purposes that can save considerable quantities of fresh water. So far, PHG has been able to construct 174 grey water treatment units on a household level.