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Call for Tenders

PHG, in a consortium with three other NGOs (UAWC, LRC, and ESDC), is involved in a project with funding by the Government of Netherlands for "land and water resource management for agricultural development in the West Bank", part of this project involves the organizational development of the 4 partners.

There is a call for tenders for consultants with expertise in organizational development.  For more details see the attached pdf. 


Water Watch Fall 2013

The debut issue of PHG's tri-yearly newsletter featuring updates on PHG's ongoing and new activities, success stories, and a feature on 20 years of Oslo....more

Hebron Water Crisis: Problems and Solutions

The Palestinian Water Training Institute (PWTI) and Palestinian Hydrology Group Hebron Branch, in cooperation with the West Bank Water Department, organized a workshop entitled “Hebron Water Crisis: Problems and Solutions.” The workshop was held on April 18, 2011 in Hebron....more

Improve the Standard of Living

The Palestinian Hydrology Group carried out a program entitled “Improve the Standard of Living” from 2010-2011. The program is funded by the Holland Consulate and is under the management of the Agricultural Development Association. In partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and a number of NGOs, they implemented two “integrated irrigation projects” for the farmers in the village of Beit Hassan, and one project for farmers in the village of Nasiriyah in the Jordan Valley Central/Nablus area....more

Water resources development

Construction works have been completed in Ein Eshakhariq and Ein Etteineh springs within the framework of an Oxfam Quebec- funded project that aims to support farmers in Deir Ammar and Jammala villages entitled: “Improving Socio-Economic conditions of farmers of Deir Ammar and Jammala Villages”....more

Solar energy supply for Bani Zaid Water Conservation Center

In a project extending between March 2010 and March 2011 funded through the Small Grants Program/Global Environmental Facility (SGP/GEF/UNDP) the Bani Zaid Water Conservation Center will be powered using a ...more

Climate Change: Hydro-conflict and Human Security (CLICO, 2010)

Initiated earlier this year and funded by the EU with more than 25 implementing partners one of which is PHG, the ongoing CLICO project aims to explain the contribution of climate change ...more

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