Climate Change: Hydro-conflict and Human Security (CLICO, 2010)

Initiated earlier this year and funded by the EU with more than 25 implementing partners one of which is PHG, the ongoing CLICO project aims to explain the contribution of climate change in the escalation or exacerbation of social tensions and border conflicts “and provide adaptation strategies at various levels”.

The major impetus of this research work is to develop a more comprehensive insight for the climate change impact and the uncertainty of water resources situation of Jordan Valley in the West Bank, Palestine. A modeling template will be devised to study the different climate change scenarios that will affect the Jordan River basin. This template will help produce information which is relevant for water management. The research will provide an appropriate analytical framework to develop decision-relevant information to regulators to better manage scarce water resources.
The research is structured into four parts related to water resources management; the economic implication of climate change; and analysis of potential management options and policies to enhance future water supply.