Solar energy supply for Bani Zaid Water Conservation Center

In a project extending between March 2010 and March 2011 funded through the Small Grants Program/Global Environmental Facility (SGP/GEF/UNDP) the Bani Zaid Water Conservation Center will be powered using a solar energy system. The best solution for electrification of the remote Center was found to be by using an independent renewable energy source. The project idea is to use photovoltaic energy for ensuring a source of electricity to supply normal electrical loads such as lighting units, computers, etc, and use thermal solar energy to heat the water using new solar heating systems (parabolic solar reflector).

In addition to ensuring the sources of electrical and thermal energies the projects also aims at encouraging locals in urban and semi-urban areas to use clean energy. In this regards PHG will organize field visits for different community groups to introduce these systems to them. 

The installation of photovoltaic modules will begin within the coming week. The renewable energy power plant in the center will be completed by December.