Water resources development

Construction works have been completed in Ein Eshakhariq and Ein Etteineh springs within the framework of an Oxfam Quebec- funded project that aims to support farmers in Deir Ammar and Jammala villages entitled: “Improving Socio-Economic conditions of farmers of Deir Ammar and Jammala Villages”.

The project emerged as a need to protect the water resources in the area and support farmers after which the area, North-West of Ramallah, experienced several attacks by Israeli settlers under implicit military support. The project also aims to maximize the potential benefits from the two springs through rehabilitation works that include:

  •  Cleaning of the spring’s sources;
  •  Construction of storage tanks;
  •  Construction of a conveyance system;
  •  Installing drip irrigation system.
Rehabilitation of the two springs will ensure optimal use of the available water by directing farmers to use a more efficient irrigation system; drip irrigation instead of flood irrigation and distribute water equally between farmers. The project is expected to enhance agricultural activities in the area; encourage more farmers to cultivate their lands.

The project started in April 2009 and will be completed by March 2011 targeting more than 30 farmers as direct beneficiaries.