PHG is a Palestinian organization that strives to improve the water and sanitation conditions in the West Bank and Gaza while improving the general livelihoods in Palestinian society. Although PHG targets the Palestinian public as a whole the Organization pays special attention to specific groups through implementing its activities and in planning its programs that include:



In the Palestinian context women play a significant role in water management especially on a household level. Women are also responsible for ensuring a clean household environment fostering proper hygienic practices in the family. On a community level and as a result of cultural constraints, women do not actively participate in community development, institutional building, and decision making. PHG strongly acknowledges and believes in the capacities that women have to offer on both household and community level and have thus made it a clear cut organizational policy that they become one of the main focal groups to be targeted by projects and programs. The Organization makes the involvement of women a prerequisite during the planning of any new project and while implementing, supervising and monitoring the activities. The Organization mainstreams gender in its policies to promote gender equality especially through designing specific training, awareness and capacity building activities that improve the skills and knowledge and empower women encouraging them to take a leading role in the decision making process.


In order to raise generations that are aware of the Palestinian water and environmental context, their water rights, and the necessity of water conservation and environmental preservation PHG also targets students. In addition to awareness activities the Organization develops healthy environments in schools by constructing WASH facilities that meet local and international standards. The Organization also contributes in developing environmental clubs and has recently developed a webpage that includes fun activities and educational material specifically designed for children in addition to producing kits that prepare teachers for awareness promotion. Students from primary to graduate levels are encouraged to take advantage of the Organization’s resources including the database and library. Numerous undergraduate and graduate students both local and international have been hosted and trained by the Organization under several capacity building initiatives

Poor & Marginalized Communities

For almost 25 years PHG has been addressing the needs of deprived communities that are receiving quantities far below internationally recommended standards, have threatening environmental problems and are victims of Israeli policies and actions. Priority is given to especially remote areas that have no or limited access to basic needs and services and to communities that have been heavily affected by the erection of the Apartheid W all or by Settlements. PHG helps secure access to safe water supplies by providing them with proper coping mechanisms, developing their water sources, and constructing necessary infrastructure in addition to building the capacity and raising awareness of these communities.

Communal Organizations

Small CBOs and Village/Municipal Councils usually lack the technical experience and the skills necessary to enable them to manage their institution in an effective and efficient manner. Through technical, financial and administrative capacity building PHG hopes to strengthen these entities which are involved in the planning and management of projects in their communities. They are thus introduced to different financial procedures, fund raising, bookkeeping and reporting forms and techniques. Support is also given through equipping the premises of these organizations


Agriculture plays a significant role in Palestinian economy and culture and is as a result the main water consumer although short compared to potential. Most farmers lack access to their land, water resources available for irrigation, financial resources to invest in agriculture, market to sell their products and cooperatives to support their agricultural work. Through its programs PHG strives to promote optimum water use through efficient irrigation techniques, provide opportunities for small farmers through developing their land and equipping them with the necessary material, train the farmers on good agricultural practices and protect land threatened by confiscation. As an end result the Organization also has the objective of achieving household food security.

International Community

PHG has been involved in numerous awareness raising campaigns abroad, advocating for Palestinian rights seeking support from the international community including both governments and the public. The Organization has participated in international workshops and hosted delegations and tourist groups that come from all parts of the World. Material for advocating the Palestinian water issue overseas has been produced and is widely used as reliable information sources.

Impoverished households

As 55% of the Palestinian population fall under the poverty line with 60,000 households sunk in extreme poverty PHG gives these families priority especially those headed by females through specific criteria and indicators. Under the concept of “productive families instead of aid recipients” the Organization helps these families develop small-scale income generating projects that form sustainable financial sources that ultimately contribute to the stability of Palestinian society through poverty alleviation and job creation.

Politicians/Decisions Makers

In order to promote informative decision making PHG targets politicians and decision makers by providing valuable information based on the results of the Organization’s research and survey activities. By raising the awareness of this target group about water resources, violations and rights PHG believes that water can be highlighted as a main item on the political agenda and express the fact that a sovereign Palestinian state is not possible without water.